seminarsLearn how to maximize your benefits and avoid the most common and costly pre-retirement mistakes!

Get the important information you need in an easy-to-understand format. Federal Benefits Group offers Federal employees a comprehensive seminar that covers everything a federal employee needs to know. Whether you were just hired or are about to retire, the information we provide is both thorough and easy to understand at the same time. Our trainers are experts on federal benefits and have the experience to teach you everything you need to know.

You’ll walk away from our seminar with a firm grasp on all the important aspects of your retirement and sense of security in knowing you’ll be taken care of

“We have featured this highly informative information during the last 3 state
NAPUS conventions. It is a must attend for employees who want the most out
of their benefits.”

-John DeWitt, former NAPUS President, AR

Our informative seminars will help you understand all the necessary basics:

  • How to determine when you can retire
  • All those confusing codes on your paycheck
  • Filling out retirement paperwork
  • FEGLI – Coverage & Costs
  • Cancelling or reducing FEGLI to reduce or eliminate premiums
  • Survivor benefit options
  • Civil Service off-set and retirement
  • Eligibility, pension amounts & their effect on Social Security
  • How to buy your military time
  • Maintaining health insurance in retirement
  • Windfall elimination provision
  • FERS Retirement – eligibility, pension amounts, and survivorship options

“One simple adjustment with your benefits can be worth thousands of dollars. You
can’t make a better investment of your time than by attending this seminar. I am a
current client of Federal Benefits Group and highly recommend them.”

-Janice Morgan, Past President of ARRLCA & SWAC

We also pay special attention to your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and all the ins and outs you need to know to navigate retirement:

  • Explaining the funds available to you in the TSP
  • Help determine your savings rate and allocations
  • Tax considerations that every employee needs to know
  • Withdrawal options and converting TSP to income
  • Your options at 59 1/2 and the mistakes that most employees make with it

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